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We have something for everyone

Our services are customer tailored to your wants.

Endless Options, where do you start?

-Here are some of our most popular choices-

The Fundamentals

How it all begins

  • Inspect paint/wheels/glass for contaminants

  • Pre-soak with tar remover/foam

  • 2 bucket wash with microfibre wash mitt

  • Spot free rinse

  • Iron fallout remover applied to paint/wheels

  • Rewash and rinse door jams

  • Hand dry with high quality microfibre 

New car prep

Do it right, from the beginning

  • Unwrapping of all factory taping and wraps

  • The Fundamentals are included​

  • Paint polishing to prep the paint for your choice of protection

  • Many protection options from paint sealants, waxes or ceramic coatings​ 
  • Clean all glass surfaces with 3 stage glass cleaning
  • Interior leather/vinyl/upholstery protection available

The revitalizer

Maximum protection. High Gloss

  • We start off with the Fundamentals

  • Basic polishing included to prep the paint for ceramic coating

  • Includes Cquartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating

  • Glass polished to prep for coating

  • Ceramic Coating Applied to Windshield

  • Wheel coating available as well

When you're buying a new car, you want that new car look to last. 

This is at the heart of all of our projects. It starts with this.

A balanced combination of paint correction and ceramic coating.


"It's all in the detail"

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