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SK's Only Authorized Kenzo Installer


Amazing Protection - Environmentally Safe

IGL Coatings are trusted world wide and recognized for their amazing quality. They are designed to protect your investments. Their applications range from Automotive all the way to the Industrial segment. While most ceramic coatings are made with hazardous materials, IGL Coatings have been extensively formulated to create eco-friendly and low-VOC coatings for a better, safer world.

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If you love your car and want to protect your investment, a ceramic coating is the way to go. 


We have multiple coatings to fit your budget and protection needs. 

This customer opted for our 3 year coating, IGL Quartz+. This brand new CR-V went through our new vehicle prep, which includes decon and a 1 stage polish Check out the amazing gloss and depth of that pearl red paint! The 

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We are Saskatchewan's IGL Distributor. If you are a DIY type of person. We can help. Check out or store!

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